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Financial Restructuring & Turnarounds 

KGI works with our clients to develop and implement plans to restructure debts and equity, return a company to profitability and long-term sustainability, and complete sales or new capital transactions.  


Our experienced senior team is skilled at achieving exceptional results with either consensual out-of-court agreements with creditors and shareholders or working effectively within a bankruptcy proceeding. 


We are designated “experts” in complex financial restructuring, bankruptcy, and litigation situations.


Our multifaceted approach to these restructuring processes draws on our deep experience in negotiation and in working on many key activities in parallel.


Key areas often include:

  1. Assessment and vetting of complex business and capital situations to identify and recommend achievable restructuring alternatives.

  2. Alignment of restructuring scenarios with the company’s financial projections to demonstrate plan feasibility.

  3. Forecasting and management of cash flow and profitability to maintain company viability and maximize company value during the restructuring process.   


Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) and Turnaround Management

  • Oversee transactions, including company sale, debt and capital raises, and financial restructuring.

  • Advise and assist management with daily cash flow, finance, operations, and interim management.

  • Facilitate relationships and resolve conflicts between management, lenders, equity, board of directors, and creditors.

Cash Flow Stabilization

  • Develop and manage weekly cash flow projections and performance.

  • Negotiate agreements and settlements with lenders and creditors.

  • Assist management in identifying and implementing operational and cash flow improvements.

Lender Advisory  Services

  • Provide financial advisory services to lenders in workout and special assets situations. 

  • Vet and assess the reasonableness and risks of a borrower’s financial forecast and overall business plan, including the quality of the borrower’s collateral, cash flow and debt capacity projections.

  • Identify and recommend improvements and sensitivities to financial forecasts.

Expert Witness and Litigation Support

  • Assess and provide expert testimony regarding company solvency, creditor preferences, and other financial matters.

  • Produce forensic analysis and expert testimony.

  • Assist attorneys with litigation support and strategy.

Debt Restructure and Recapitalization

  • Restructure debts with lenders, vendors, landlords, and other creditors.

  • Develop plans and financial forecasts to recapitalize debts and equity.

  • Identify sources of liquidity.

Capital Raise and Sale for Special Situations

  • Identify new lenders and sources of capital.

  • Assist management in the preparation and completion of a sale, new debt, or capital raise.

  • Manage transactions and align management, board of directors, and ownership to complete a transaction.

Bankruptcy Services

  • Develop plans of reorganization and related financial models.

  • Prepare companies for bankruptcy and advise companies throughout the bankruptcy process.

  • Debtor and creditor financial advisory services, including expert testimony for plans of reorganization, fraudulent conveyances, preference actions, equitable subordination, and other bankruptcy litigation matters.

Real Estate Advisory Services

  • Restructuring of debt and equity in bankruptcy and outside of court. 

  • Assessing assets and liquidity, and recommending solutions to maximize the value of real estate.

  • Building credible business plans and financial forecasts.

Planning ad Forecastin

Business Planning & Financial Forecasting

Building business plans and financial projections for a company during a period of transition or disruption is challenging, yet achievable.  


KGI works alongside leadership to clarify goals and strategies, analyze data and information, improve the company's abilities to project future performance, and recommend significant cash flow and profitability improvements.  We also organize and moderate business planning sessions to align management on key company goals and strategies and formulate key assumptions and drivers for financial forecasting purposes.  


We build tools and models that connect operational data to financial information to produce credible and reliable financial forecasts.  These tools often continue to be used by our clients after the end of our engagement.  


Key results often include:

  1. Clear vision and strategies to achieve specific goals and objectives.

  2. Credible financial forecasts for use internally and to facilitate transactions with third parties.

  3. Alignment of objectives between company leadership and ownership.


Strategic and Operations Business Plans

  • Help management create clear missions, goals and strategies that align with financial and operational expectations. 

  • Organize and moderate business planning sessions.

  • Align management with the critical goals and strategies that drive operational and profitability improvements and overall success.

Cash Flow Stabilization

  • Develop and manage weekly cash flow projections and performance.

  • Negotiate agreements and settlements with lenders and creditors.

  • Assist management in identifying and implementing operational and cash flow improvements.

Financial Forecasting

  • Build integrated financial models and credible financial projections that connect business plans with operational goals and strategies.

  • Build analyses, key performance indicators, and dashboards to monitor company performance and provide visibility to adjust strategies.

  • Assess, vet, and identify improvements to the company’s financial forecasts.

Profit & Enterprise
Profit & Enterprise

KGI works interactively and “hands-on” with each client to identify a custom-tailored approach that will produce significant improvements in profits and enterprise value.  We help leadership to develop and implement strategic and business plans that increase profits and build a sustainable business that increases the company’s enterprise value.


Key areas often include:

  1. Go-to-market strategies: pricing, sales channels, marketing strategies, and simplification of product offerings.

  2. Cost reductions:  contracts and leases, supply chain, labor and compensation, streamlined operations and processes, technology implementation, and freight and logistics.

  3. Effective organization: structure, talent, incentive programs, business planning, and alignment among company leadership and ownership with respect to key goals, strategies, and business challenges.


Screen Shot 2022-09-21 at 3.33.02 PM.png

Coaching and Advising Management

  • Build strong leadership, organizations and culture.

  • Align management, board of directors, and ownership with key goals, strategies, and business changes.

  • Develop and train cross-functional teams.

Profit and Operational Improvements

  • Lead teams to plan and implement substantial operating improvements such as go-to-market strategies, cost reductions, and organizational effectiveness.

  • Set up and manage project management teams and systems.

  • Advise and coach project leaders and teams.

Conflict Resolution

  • Facilitate improvements in the relationships among management, board of directors, owners, and lenders.

  • Resolve conflicts involving long-term business plans, succession management, and valuation.  

  • Avoid and mitigate damages from personal guarantees, major litigation, and shareholder disputes.

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