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Quality of Cash Flow Projections

For over 30 years, KGI has advised and helped companies and lenders to assess and complete challenging financing transactions.

Common Characteristics of Challenging Loans

  • Negative trends in financial performance and cash flow

  • Loan covenants in default

  • Additional funding needed due to liquidity short falls

  • Forbearance agreement required

  • Loan restructuring required

  • Bridge loan needed to complete a capital transaction, including a sale or refinancing

The Benefits to Companies

  • Completion of challenging loan transactions

  • Development or improvement of a company’s financial projections

  • Credible analysis o f a company's projected cash flow and liquidity

  • Better strategies and analysis for loan structuring and pricing Independent and objective third-party professional assistance and report

  • Completion of critical transaction due diligence

  • Additional talent and resources to complete transactions efficiently

KGI Assesses, Analyzes, and Assists in Key Areas

  • Income statement and balance sheet integration

  • Credibility of financial models and underlying assumptions

  • Financial covenant and credit ratio analysis

  • Profitability and enterprise value improvements

  • Historical to projection comparisons

  • Borrowing base and collateral coverage analysis

  • Reserves and one-time / non-recurring items

  • Sensitivity and scenario analysis

  • Written report (if needed) for lenders, board of directors, or shareholders


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