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V-Max - Maxizing Value For Your Business

By Harvey R. Kibel

V-MAX is KGI's field tested and trademarked set of tools designed to either address immediate areas of operational or system issues or to define and implement the appropriate cost-effective actions necessary to meet short- and long-term goals and objectives for those companies seeking growth, change and/or overall improvement.

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How to Turn Around a Financially Troubled Company*

By Harvey R. Kibel

Selected by the Library Journal as one of the ten best business books. This unique turnaround manual gives you principles and practical advice for survival in very tough situations. Here are just a few of the key questions it answers:

  • Can I find a way to buy time for my company?

  • When is a bank willing to function as a working partner rather than as an adversary?

  • How can the vendor be given enough confidence in the company to deliver products.

*This book, a bible for the workout field, was selected as one of the ten best business books by the Library Journal and resulted in Mr. Kibel's receipt of the National Award of Excellence from President Reagan at a White House ceremony.

How to Turn Around Financially Troubled Real Estate

By Harvey R. Kibel

This unique real estate manual tells you how to identify opportunities in distressed real estate, how to avoid the crisis, and how to survive when you are in one. Here are just a few of the key questions it answers:

  • Where is the real estate market headed?

  • How can I dramatically improve my returns by investing in distressed situations?

  • Why do investments fail?

  • How can I restructure a problem Loan?

  • How do I buy time to solve a problem?

The Value Creation Bible For The Mid-Market

By Harvey R. Kibel

Based on the experience of over one thousand companies. It unlocks the secret of maximizing value by taking the reader through the step-by-step process that has successfully increased company valuations by orders of magnitude. It will prove useful to owners, executive, consultants, students and investor who want to fully understand the new science of VALUE CREATION.


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